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Our Services

Our Exceptional Care and Support Services

Children's Support Services

We provide specialist care for children aged 0 and above with diverse needs. Whether they require temporary or ongoing care due to learning disabilities, mental health challenges, or have experienced traumatic events, our specialised service is tailored to meet their unique requirements. We also offer assistance for children who have been victims of crime, exploitation, or neglect, as well as those facing eating disorders or substance misuse.

Dementia Care

Respect and dignity lie at the core of our dementia care services. Our well-trained staff is equipped to provide compassionate care that respects the individual wishes of our care recipients and their family. We follow person-centred and well-planned approaches to ensure their comfort, well-being, and meaningful engagement.

Domiciliary and Live-in Care

Our person-centred approach enables individuals to live independently in the comfort of their own homes through daily visits or live-in care. Our compassionate team of handpicked carers is fully trained to provide personalised support, including personal care, mobility assistance, medication support, meal preparation, housework, and indoor/outdoor activities. Whatever your specific needs, we are here to help you make the most of life.

Elderly Care

We aim to enrich the lives of seniors aged 65 and over, by enabling them lead independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. Our comprehensive support includes medication prompting, meal preparation, assistance with indoor/outdoor activities, shopping errands, and community access. We understand the natural challenges that come with age, and our dedicated team is committed to keeping our elderly care recipients active and engaged in activities they enjoy.

Learning Difficulties or Autistic Disorder

We are dedicated to empowering individuals living with autism and learning disabilities, providing them with choices, dignity, and independence within their own homes. Our staff is extensively trained with Oliver MacGowan Mandatory autism training, aligning with extant legislation, to ensure a high level of care and understanding for these individuals.

Mental Health Support

Our caring team provides support for individuals living in the community, including those in the process of transformational care or transitioning from hospitals to their homes. We also accommodate clients with co-morbidities, such as autism and personality disorders. Our staff undergoes specialised training in mental health and management of violence and aggression (PMVA/PBS) to compassionately and effectively handle challenging behaviours and physical aggression.

Physical Disability

We empower individuals with physical disabilities to lead fulfilling lives by ensuring they have access to the community and a supportive home environment. Our robust risk assessments and reasonable adjustments guarantee that our service users receive personalised care catered to their specific needs. We continuously update equipment to match their requirements and enhance their quality of life.

Sensory Impairment

Understanding the unique needs of individuals with sensory impairments, we offer tailored care and provide specialised equipment to enhance daily tasks and communication. Our comprehensive approach takes into account various sensory needs, such as vision, hearing, smell, taste, and peripheral sensation, and caters to each individual accordingly. We maintain consistent and routine recording of care recipients’ information and communication needs, ensuring their requirements are effectively communicated to relevant stakeholders.

Support for Eating Disorders

We support individuals with eating disorders during their transition from hospitals back to the community, aiding them in their recovery journey. Our highly-trained staff possesses the expertise to promote independence and recovery while ensuring personalised care and support in the community.

Support for Substance Misuse Recovery

We offer specialised assistance for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol misuse, aiding their transition from rehabilitation units to continuing their recovery in the community. Our dedicated staff is trained to provide the necessary support, including medication management and other essential aspects, to promote independence in their own homes. Our goal is to foster their recovery and independence while ensuring a safe and supportive environment in the community.

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