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Our culture is a supportive, helpful and collaborative one that promotes excellence. Our team of rigorously vetted professionals are highly motivated and always willing to go the extra mile to provide our clients with the best possible person-centred care at all times.
We utilise the very latest technologies that provide real time alerts to any potential issues so we can respond promptly whilst keeping nominated family members in the loop.

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Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time

At GJU Services Ltd, we specialise in providing domiciliary care and support to individuals with a range of needs, including challenging behaviours, learning difficulties, autism, sensory impairment, physical disabilities, and more. Our core belief is that every individual deserves to live with dignity, independence, and access to a fulfilling life.

We offer a person-centred approach to meeting the unique individual needs and preferences of our clients by providing personalised care with a range of services to keep them happy, healthy, independent, and to empower them to maintain their chosen lifestyle.

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Our Person-Centred Approach Means

A clear understanding of your exact needs by completing an initial assessment.

Offering you personalised care, support and treatment.

Flexibility in arranging visits at times and days that suit you.

Helping you to choose the right career.

Treating you with compassion, dignity and respect at all times.

Encourage you to remain active, healthy, sociable and independent.

Regularly reviewing the support we provide to you.

Being open and honest with you at all times.

Why Choose Us

Trusted & Experienced Care Provider

At GJU Services Limited, we understand how important it is that your loved one feels safe and supported while receiving care and support from the comfort of their home.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent person-centred care that not only is dignified and respectful, but that also encourages independence, freedom of choice and maximises quality of life.

We understand that needs and preferences are unique to each individual, and so we will always provide personalised care with a range of services to keep you and your loved ones happy, healthy and independent.

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